Willpower is often misunderstood I think. Like other forms of power in our current world, we tend to think of it as ‘power over’. But it’s just about learning to focus your energy really. You don’t have to have ‘power over’ yourself, you just need to find the right motivation and then you’ll want to do it anyway.


People who love their work, and I mean Really love their work, would probably do it anyway, despite the usual rewards like getting payed or helping others or feeling like they’re making the world a better place. Pavarotti said it wasn’t discipline, it was Devotion.


However, it’s not always easy to keep focused, remember what your purpose was/is, and keep that sense of ease about the Devotion side of things when you’re juggling school runs, jobs, projects and a seemingly endless list of demands on your time, which many people we know tend to do, day in day out.

Willpower Workshop

So Katina – yoga goddess – and I teamed up to create a workshop that helped approach this Willpower thing with both body and mind (soul). In yoga, Willpower is governed by the third chakra – your solar plexus (sun) chakra.  And it was all Yellow! Yes, Coldplay’s classic song, sung in their video while walking continuously along our gorgeous yellow sand Studland beach, sprung to mind when we were titling this workshop. They seem quite good at getting things done…

Yelloe-Wonder-Workshop - 1 (2)

Yellow Yoga

Katina took a small group and worked for an hour with exercises like ‘Chopping Wood’. She worked with the seed sound for this chakra and helped people get deeply into their sense of personal power.

The reward for all this hard work was one of Katina’s delicious yellow Mango Magic smoothies.

Yellow Thinking

Meanwhile, I took the other group and we worked with ideas around personal power, personal boundaries and our awareness of our own direction and focus. We explored our favourite procrastination techniques and marvelled at the similarities and differences in our self-sabotaging.

Time for hands and heart then – using nothing more than some coloured inks and a roll of paper, we took simply took a line for a walk – separately, then together. Just how much can a single dribbled line reveal?! You’d be amazed – we were!

Yelloe-Wonder-Workshop - 1 (4)

33-Day Challenge

And finally, everyone made some commitments – to themselves and to all of us. To do one small thing every day for the next 33 days… something good, something fun, something that will make a difference. And ultimately something that will boost that self-confidence and sense of personal power that this chakra is all about…

It’s not all Yellow though, is it?

creativity workshop participants 'Taking the Line for a Walk' in an Artists Adventures half-day workshop in Hampshire, UK


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