The Two of Clubs (Card #6 of the Artists Adventures series) – is another of my favorite Artist’s Way-inspired exercises – The Weekly Wonder Wander – or Wander Wonder – I haven’t decided! Where you find yourself spending your time can often seem out of your own control – we have to go to our place of work, where our children go to school, where we meet our friends – but actually, we have a lot of choice in how and where we spend each of our 24 hours in our day. (Yes, those same 24 hours that everyone else has!)

And of course, those choices we make have a huge impact on our thoughts, our feelings and our actions, which in turn have a huge impact on our careers and on our businesses.

  • If you could choose to be anywhere, doing anything right now, where and what would you choose?
  • How near or far to where you are at this minute is it?
  • Mind the Gap!!

Also, have fun playing around with ideas about your past, present and future:

  • Where have you been and what did you create in that time and place? Draw a timeline if it helps.
  • How different is where and what you are creating now in your life and work? How are they connected?
  • Imagine yourself in the future, doing fantastic work, firing on all cylinders. Change the backdrop to this work, the places you do it – try revisiting some from your past, and also explore new ones –go in, go out, go far and wide. Where feels good and helps you expand your thinking? Extend your timeline with some of these ideas…

And finally, simply pay attention to where and how you spend your time over the course of this coming week – notice where you do your best work, where you feel more of yourself, where you get your energy and inspiration from… write it down or keep a log if you can – and wander and wonder at it all!


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