Do you ever have the feeling that someone else is messing up all your carefully laid-out plans on purpose?

And they’re messing up those lovely big Ideas, Dreams and Intentions you had/have?

Do you find yourself directing all your negative thoughts and frustrations and anger about the things that are being messed up onto them?  raaaaaah!!

But hang on a minute – calm down and think about it, really deeply. Isn’t it true that the person who actually messed it up wasn’t your partner, or your parent, or your child, or your boss, or one of your co-workers, or a complete stranger, or the economy, or the government, or any of them… no, it was actually YOU, yourself?

Meet your personal gremlin – say, hello! I like to call mine ‘SatNav’ because it makes me laugh, (I don’t have one in the car, I prefer maps) and she hates that. She leads me astray, takes me off course, distracts me, confuses me, directs me down dead ends, chooses the scenic route, then changes the plan half-way through and wants to go in the fast lane.

She makes me late, even when I left in plenty of time, she chatters on all the time, so I can’t think clearly enough to make good decisions, and she loves keeping me so busy that I secretly believe I’ll never get through everything so there’s really no point in trying.

Laughing at her is one of the ways I can get around and beyond the things she does, so that I can get on with making my Ideas, Dreams and Intentions happen, without her interfering too much. The Three of Diamonds – Artists Adventures: (Card No. 11!) Self Sabotage is all about paying attention so you can invent ways to deal with your own…

How about yours? What’s his/her favorite trick?

Share your stories in the comments below….


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