Our Reward Scheme – Help us connect 

We’re working to get Creativity that’s inside each one of us out into the world (where it belongs!). It has such a huge impact on everything for everyone. We can’t do it all on our own – we need your help, so we have a reward scheme to say thanks whenever you help us do this.

What you can do

We need your help to reach the right people for our courses and retreats – those who’d benefit from time to relax, unwind and reconnect with their own creativity. It’s a beautiful process with the ripples reaching deep and for months and years to come. 

You can do this in many ways:

  • forward our newsletter (sign up in the footer of this page)
  • share posts from our Facebook page
  • use the hashtag #artistsadventures on Pinterest & Instagram
  • or just tell them in a good old-fashioned actual conversation! 

Our Creativity Courses & Workshops in 2016

Our courses and retreats are designed to bring out your creativity from under the rock or secret place you may have been hiding it, to push aside procrastination or excuses and to give you more clarity, confidence and focus…

No previous art experience or talent of any kind is required! A ‘Beginners Mind’ is often a huge advantage. Artists of all abilities are welcome… start where you are planted…

Your Rewards – One Month Free…

So, please help us get the word out, and if anyone you recommend comes to one of our retreats or signs up for a course, we’ll say thank you with a gift of a month’s free coaching for yourself, focusing on one of the 7 chakras which form the framework for our sessions:

  1. The Courage to Begin
  2. Your Creative Fire (Flow)
  3. Willpower & Self-Esteem
  4. With Compassion & Love
  5. Speaking your Truth (Communication)
  6. Your Life, Your Vision
  7. Know your Direction (Action plan)

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