About Us

Creativity Quest is run by artists Jess Stephens, who is based in Sefrou, Morocco and Michelle Rumney who is based on the south coast of England. They met at art school in 2001 in Barcelona and share the idea that creativity is an adventure and something to be shared as far and wide as possible!

Jess took the Artists Adventures course with Michelle in 2016 and loved the impact it had on her artwork, but also on lots of other aspects of her life. Listen to her story in her bio below.

Meanwhile, Michelle has wanted to visit Jess’s art projects in Morocco, but hasn’t quite managed a trip there yet. Early in 2020 with lockdown, sharing ideas, sights and sounds via zoom and whatsapp with each other, they realised they could connect remotely much more than they had ever looked into – so they started finding out just what you can do with Zoom, Instagram Live etc to keep that curiosity and sense of adventure well and truly alive and well.

They’ve taken the Artists Adventures principles and given them a distinctly Moroccan flavour…

An awe-inspiring, fear-bashing, world-expanding series
of playful vibrant artistic and cultural adventures.

Online classes

Minutes each

MultiCultural idea

Profits to local arts

Why Choose Us?

Jess has lived in Morocco for over 12 years and has been running cultural events, artists’ residencies and projects that help positively impact communities. She knows and supports a wide network of local artisans, musicians and cultural ambassadors. Passionate about increasing opportunities for cultural exchange, she has created the Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism, which will open later this year, once lockdown is lifted. 


Michelle has been leading workshops, artwalks, museum tours and creativity retreats with people of all ages and from all walks of life since she first coached a group of writers in 2009. On a mission to give as many people as possible the key to the door of their own creativity, she keeps the workshops fun, accessible and deceptively simple.

In her work as an artist, she includes many people in the making of the work – in her Lent Art Installation for Southwark Cathedral over 850 visitors and congregation were involved. The piece was simply made of paper and string and no specialist art materials are needed for these adventures either.


If you’re ready, we’re ready to help you get fired and inspired and onto your next creative adventure…

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or feedback, please mail us here:


Sefrou, Morocco

Bournemouth, UK

9am – 3:30pm UTC