Brain retraining may sound slightly off-putting, but it can be a powerful journey of self-empowerment and can change the quality and experience of your life.  Michelle talks to Wendi Friesen, clinical hypnotherapist about her work helping people rewire their own minds.

“Spend time envisioning your future – you don’t have to know what’s happening in your future – just imagine… a future moment where you’re doing something that you love and you set it up as a surprise… and just experience and discover what you’re doing”


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Brain Retraining – what, how, why?

Wendi Friesen is one of the most successful hypnotherapists in the world, so you could say that brain retraining is her speciality. Over the 23 years she’s been practicing as a hypnotherapist, she’s helped people deal with a whole range of personal issues such as:

  • Stopping unwanted habits, such as smoking, alcohol addiction and snoring
  • Dealing with pain, such as allergies, migraines, back pain and cancer
  • Dealing with health issues, such as childbirth, insomnia and weight loss
  • Helping with emotional issues, such as stress, depression and phobias
  • Developing confidence, public speaking and sports excellence…

Rewiring Your Brain

Here she describes her work to Michelle – explaining the way hypnosis works within our brains, literally rewiring them;

“So what we have… is the ability for our brain to grow and change, based on what we think, what we feel, what we do every day, what we say to ourselves… hypnosis grows a new neural network and it does it very quickly, with some repetition… that’s why hypnosis can make such huge changes in your attitude and in your personality.”

In this interview, find out:

  • How to get over self-sabotage and why you keep doing the same things over and over, even though you don’t want to
  • Why what you think about is making your brain grow in a certain way
  • What dendrites, mirror neurons and neural networks are (fascinating)
  • Growing new pathways in your brain to overcome unwanted behaviours
  • Accelerating your skill levels faster through hypnosis
  • How Wendi creates her hypnotic sessions
  • A simple daily self-hypnosis technique you can do that can help you change your life exponentially

Wendi shares some examples of how people have literally transformed their experience through using hypnosis or brain retraining, and most of all, encourages you to think about what you could do too.

“The effects just grow and grow, because we’ve changed your brain, we’ve changed the way it accesses information, we’ve changed where it goes to find the responses and reactions so you just start feeling better and better – and it’s a permanent change.”

Wendi’s Own Journey

Wendi also tells her own unfolding story of how she first started as a hypnotherapist and what she’s aiming to do in the next year or two, and since this is Artists Adventures, Michelle asked her about her own potential travels, which may include:

  • an elephant school in Thailand
  • a ranch in Wyoming
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

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