Are you ready to go on a life-changing creative adventure?

The CREATIVITY QUEST invites you on a journey of discovery.

“A fear-bashing, awe-inspiring, world-expanding series of playful vibrant artistic and cultural adventures.”

  • Join our step-by-step creativity coaching course that guides you all the way
  • Take simple, powerful steps to transform your creative ideas, even with limited time and space
  • Dissolve the mental blocks that keep you from creative play
  • Develop a deep sense of ease and confidence to engage with the new in a fast-changing world

Real time

7 x live real-time 90 min sessions delivered online via Zoom


A unique private WhatsApp group for each particular Quest (International – all time zones)


Invitation to join our growing Facebook community – share knowledge, advice, discuss your ideas and your creative work with like-minded people

In your own time

Access to all recordings of the course sessions x 7 to repeat re-listen in your own time


Downloadable playbooks unique to this particular Quest


Downloadable reading, inspiration & resources lists for each session


Email, and 1:1 calls for private enquiries (at additional cost) – at any time – response within 24hrs


VIP levels – 1:1 coaching, private tours, individual pathway, tailored journeys
Our expertly-guided CREATIVITY QUEST is a LIVE, interactive, online odyssey to discover your unique creative self. Along the way, you will strengthen your ability to see things differently and to encounter the unknown with new confidence. That confidence sets you free to play with new ideas – to be truly creative. In our rapidly-changing world, that just might be the most important skill you can develop.

The CREATIVITY QUEST invites you on a seven-week journey of discovery.

Beginning in June each dynamic, weekly coaching session takes you deep into the colour, culture and contrasts of one of the world’s most fascinating destinations: Morocco. Vibrant and glamorous, alluring and multi-layered, a Moroccan insider’s eye view will be your guide.

Each interactive 90-minute session is themed for one rainbow colour.

Each colour weaves its own distinctive mood and meaning. Each immersive session is a weekly springboard for you to explore and experiment individually and with fellow-travellers in our supportive group.

What’s inside the Quest?

Inspiration + a push

Week 1: Get Excited!

You don’t need any special skills or talents, just bring your Curiosity and your sense of adventure.

We provide the structure, the motivation, the inspiration, the community, the exercises, the adventures, the destinations – there’s not actually anything you need to do. No homework, no expectations, no pressure. Just creative, constructive play.

Week 2-4: Dive in, ignite the spark

And we add-venture – we have all the gorgeousness of Morocco to throw into the creative mix. As a long-time resident of Morocco, course co-creator Jess Stephens, deeply feels the cultural and artisan side of this fascinating country, its rich and storied traditions. And she’s excited to share her knowledge with you.

Week 4-7: Explore and expand

We prod, provoke, play, encourage, discuss, question, laugh, and encourage you to take some creative risks, however big or small they might seem. It’s exciting to exchange ideas, to see what’s going on and to support each other – we’re always amazed at how resourceful and unique people are – and how they surprise themselves.

If ever there was a time to unlock your personal creativity and engage with a world of creative possibilities, it has to be now. Take the first step into a wider, wilder world!


We’re passionate about cultural adventures & your creativity.

Michelle Rumney

Course Leader

Based on South Coast, England
Map Adventurer
Certified Coach

Jess Stephens

Course Facilitator

Based in Sefrou, Morocco
Colour Ambassador
Culture Vulture

Why join us on the CREATIVITY QUEST?
As children our sense of awe and wonder came quite naturally to us – we were curious and we learned the rules as we went along, often by breaking them accidentally or on purpose. We learned by trial and error, by exploring and discovering the world around us. We had that magical ability to play, imagine, and get excited about things – about anything!

As adults, in a busy world of ‘shoulds’, to do lists and obligations to other people, that playful space seems like a luxury we can’t afford. These are serious times, and our inner critic finds plenty of reasons to ‘get real’ and get on with the daily business of living.

But in today’s rapidly changing world, we can no longer afford not to rediscover that childlike sense of wonder. It’s where the magic is. Showing up with our creative spirit at full wattage can light up our own lives, and have a hugely positive impact on others.

If ever there was a time to see what we’re all really made of, and what we can add to the world, it’s now….

So if you want to:

  • make time and space to explore your creative ideas
  • learn new skills and new forms of expression
  • lose yourself in an absorbing new challenge
  • find out what you’re creatively capable of

Travelling together is more fun than going it alone. So join us and a small group of like-minded online companions on this fascinating adventure! We will encourage you to stay on the path, and show you how to go around the obstacles that can block your curiosity and energy. We can’t wait to meet you – so take the first step: