A 7-part course to help you overcome the overwhelm
and get on with your best work – step by step.

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Lots of Great Ideas?

If you’re still talking about doing work that matters to you, but finding you’re not getting any nearer to actually doing it, Artists Adventures can help.

You’ve probably got a busy lifestyle that’s packed full already (work, family, all the other stuff), but you want to find a way to make room for developing your creative work –

  • a project you want to start
  • an idea
  • your novel or screenplay
  • your artwork
  • your new business
  • your next new business
  • your music
  • your photography
  • your films
  • something you and a friend think would be great to do
  • something you haven’t thought of yet
  • and?

Artists Adventures are designed to help you step forward week by week into more of yourself. They are based on the best and most effective creative coaching exercises – the ones that I’ve actually seen make a difference to my clients – the ones that I know really work!

Step by step…

You can choose whether to do them with me or by yourself online. I created a deck of cards to capture them, so that you can simply work through them, one card at a time. I use them myself to run Artists Adventures group workshops, my workshops with business teams and with my 1-1 clients via Skype.

  • They’re fun, they’re do-able and they make a difference.
  • They help you get your best work done – the work that matters….

Don’t take my word for it – read the testimonials, or just have a go yourself – try a free card!

One card at a time

Each card has a single exercise on it that takes less than 15 minutes to do (although of course you can spend longer on them if you like).

Just follow the instructions, one by one: instead of fizz-bang or overwhelm, simply choose one card at a time, steadily moving you closer to your goals. There are 28 cards in total. Do them at your own pace – one a week (6 months of fuel for your creative fire) or up the pace and do four a week (7-weeks). We also run 4-day Artist Adventures retreats for those who want to really get focused.

Keeps You Focused

Artists Adventures cards are designed to be balanced – in two directions. Firstly, across the suits like the ones on a normal deck of playing cards;

  • Hearts – to help you follow your Bliss
  • Clubs – for your people you should know
  • Diamonds –  to polish your raw materials, gifts and talents
  • and Spades – to get on and DO the work you need to do

Takes You on a Journey

And they also work up through the numbers, inspired by the chakras in yoga, focusing on different aspects in sequence to help you get the momentum started and then keep it going;

  • Aces – root chakra – courage & foundations
  • Twos – sacral chakra – feelings & creativity
  • Threes – solar plexus chakra – commitment & willpower
  • Fours – heart chakra – love & compassion
  • Fives – throat chakra – communication & truth
  • Sixes – brow chakra – intuition & wisdom
  • Sevens – crown chakra – boundlessness & bliss

A complete, thorough and focused approach, but fun too. Getting the blocks and resistance out of the way and helping you move into action. Step by step. closer to creating what you want to create…

Keep On the Move

The course cards are fully mobile, designed to be read on the go – take them with you anywhere – no excuses for all you procrastinators out there… you just need a notebook or somewhere digital to record your thoughts as you do them  Or, if you prefer, you can simply download the .pdf files and print them out – in a cut-out-and-keep kind of way.

See the Results

  • They’ll shift your thinking – where attention goes, energy flows. Each card helps challenge & reframe your thinking and will ultimately change the way you think about yourself, building ever more confidence and self-esteem.
  • They’ll keep you moving forward – if you’re just keep keeping busy, you might never start the work you know you’re capable of. The cards are easy to start & to keep momentum. They’re also beautiful and inspiring – a pleasure not a chore.
  • More bliss, more fulfilment! You’ll be surprised at how much difference even 15 minutes a week focusing on what you love doing makes. It’s you honouring what’s in your hand – your gifts and talents and ultimately it’s about giving your gift to the world. All fulfilling, soul-nurturing stuff…
A comprehensive course to help you overcome the overwhelm and move forward with your best work or business… step by step.

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