Your Creativity is Waiting

Your Creativity is Waiting

painting by Michael Eldridge of Starstone Creativity Retreats

How connected with yourself are you feeling right now? Yes, connected to the true you, the one who used to love drawing or doodling or simply daydreaming as a child.

Artist, photographer and coach Michael Eldridge has been exploring this aspect of being on this ‘creative planet’ all his life – he’s lived in New Zealand, South Africa, California, the UK and presently in the beautiful hills of Le Marche and Umbria in Italy.

With his non-profit, Starstone Creativity, Michael’s co-created a series of retreats (one of them with me) aimed at connecting people back to the power of their own inner creativity, or as Michael puts it to immerse you once more in the magic pool of your precious creativity which has been waiting for your attention for so long…’

‘The object isn’t to make art,
it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable”
Robert Henri

A New Painting

Michael is a practical sort of person – learning through doing is very much part of the Starstone ethos – and he practices what he preaches – he’s just been working on a new series of paintings – The Adriatic Series:

“”I just want to keep on doing the things I love –
I just think I’m very, very lucky”

And hopefully, if this idea of connecting with your own creativity resonates with you on any level, you’ll join us both in Assisi where we’ll guide you through a series of ‘doing workshops’, through movement, painting, photography, words, pictures and whatever inspiration we draw from such a beautiful and cultural setting as the Italian countryside offers…

The Interview

photo of Michael Eldridge painting Starstone Retreats in ItalyReflecting on meeting up again soon with Michael, I listened back to an interview I did with him back in 2010 about his work, what keeps him motivated and about his ever-evolving journey. On reflection, what he said back then is fascinating to listen to now, as it’s still just as relevant – and it’s great to see/hear how Michael’s journey is still on that very same path.

In this interview, Michael talks to Michelle about his work as a painter, photographer and as a creativity coach, where his mission is to help people get totally absorbed in the creative process;

“the challenge is to take away the fear
you know, so many people have an idea of making a mistake
or looking stupid and all this sort of thing –
that’s the challenge…
you put them at their ease and then eventually they get absorbed”

He also tells us about his personal journey – from winning a Fulbright Scholarship which helped him develop his photography in California, to the honor of having the first color photography exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery in London. Michael became a lecturer and program director in art at Bournemouth University and also the Open University. He co-created unique programs, inspired by Krishnamurti’s seminars, which “taught a whole generation of young people creativity”. (The former students I’ve met who were tutored by him say things like “Michael Eldridge? – He’s a Legend!!”)

Michael also describes:

  • How each and every one of us is born creative
  • Why people failed his courses on purpose
  • How to trick your mind into letting you create
  • Photography as a meditative process
  • Why you don’t have to bust your brain about developing and planning your future
  • How learning to be quiet can improve your artwork

An Adventurer’s Journey Continues…

Michael’s favourite locations include: Southern Italy, California, and the deserts of Nevada.

Join us in Assisi…

Join Michael and I on our Assisi Weekender 26-30 May. Earlybird pricing until 14th March.

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Anabel describes her Starstone Retreat

Find out more about Michael’s work by visiting:

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