Artists Adventures for Your Business

Inject 3 months of Creativity into your work

Need more focus?

The Artists Adventures for business program is designed to help you keep focused, motivated and in action (rather than in procrastination!) whilst building your business.

It's a mapping tool for getting your business or team up and running. Starting right where you are now. It's a guided program, with Michelle as your guide, coach and accountability partner.

Overcome the Overwhelm

If you've already started a business, you'll probably have experienced the sense of overwhelm that often comes with this phase. When you're doing it by yourself, it can feel like there will never be enough time, that everything is down to you and that you just can't seem to manage it all at once.

Too busy, but so ready?

This program is designed to lead you through week by week, putting the essential elements and systems in place to ensure you have a clear plan and path forward for you and your business or team.


Seven Inspiring Steps

to help create or transform a business you love
and find more clarity, creativity & enjoyment in your work.

These are just some of the challenges we address during this program:

  • Being able to keep focused on your main goals, while there are distractions all around you;
  • Being able to maintain momentum, and keep going, when you may feel like giving up and getting a 'proper job' instead; and of course,
  • Being able to make it all work financially for you.

How does the program work?

The program is delivered via 7 phone/Skype calls - once a fortnight. Each 2-week block is spent focusing just on the aspects of your business or teamwork associated with that chakra or level - allowing you to go deep and make fundamental changes if you need to - and to enjoy the clarity that comes with that focus.

How long does it take?

The whole program takes just over 3 months, which is enough time to get clear on why you're building a business, what you're offering, and why anyone else should care. From the ground up, we cover all the essential building blocks you need to get going in the right direction.

No Business Plan?

You also create a Business Plan as you go - Michelle is a licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator. Through the sessions, she keeps you accountable, helps keep you on track and provides support.

The kind of plan you build is one that will help guide you beyond the program - an evolving, inspiring and supportive companion document to keep you on track.

So you get:

  • 7 telephone/Skype audio/Google Hangout calls - once a fortnight
  • 2 weeks immersed in each level or chakra, focusing on those aspects of your business alone
  • An mp3 recording of each session to listen back to whenever you’d like to
  • Online support between the sessions - any questions, help or kick *ss that you need, you can just mail or Skype Michelle.
  • Homework!! at the end of the day, I can't do the work for you - you have to!

What’s in each session?


Step One:
The Courage To Begin

Building your Foundation
What have you got?

  • Courage - creating a business from the (coeur) heart
  • Exploring where you'd like to get to and expanding that vision
  • Looking at the best and worst of where you are now - what’s great and what's broken physically and spiritual
  • Examining the tiny or daily habits that do and don’t support you
  • Setting support systems in place for yourself, including financial ones
  • Make a start now! with your mailing list...

Outcomes: Start making positive changes right away, begin your long-term planning and put support systems in place to help you continue on a daily basis.


The Aces - focus on Courage
Business Plan takeaways: 
Begin your Financial Plan

Step Two:
Your Creative Fire

What kind of business are you Creating?


  • Get clear on what exactly you're creating and the kind of energy you're currently bringing to it
  • Become aware of which feelings lead to which actions for you
  • Decide where you'll focus your attention
  • Weigh up the risks you're prepared to take
  • Your sense of honour, ethics and your Core Values
  • Decide who you'd like to work with and for - your Perfect Customers or Clients

Outcomes: Clarity about the underlying emotional drivers for your business, awareness of which values you need to operate and steps you can take to ensure your creativity is engaged fully in your business.


The Twos - focus on Creativity
Business Plan takeaways:
Get started with your Market Research

Step Three:
Willpower & Self Esteem

How are you showing up in relation to your business?


  • Your business code of honour
  • Setting healthy boundaries - looking after yourself and your business
  • Strengths & weaknesses, including self-sabotage
  • Fear & procrastination - dispel those negative beliefs
  • How you deal with criticism and rejection
  • Inspire yourself! put your stake in the ground

Outcomes: Ensuring you get out of your own way, know your limitations and work with them, rather than in denial. Step up and step out with an attitude plan for turning Pro.


The Threes - focus on Willpower
Business Plan takeaways:
 Your SWOT analysis

Step Four:
With Compassion & Love

How do you relate to others?


  • Yourself at your best - compassion, hope & trust
  • Your cohorts  - Loyalty & betrayal
  • Turn negatives to positives - self-centeredness, envy, guilt
  • Your ability to help yourself and others - protect and refresh your energy levels
  • Professional forgiveness - reframing the past
  • Roles & responsibilities - loneliness & togetherness - teams and the one-person business

Outcomes: Raised awareness of  your business relationships -  healthy and productive attitudes. Start building your support team.
Outcomes: How you can ensure you forge healthy relationships in the future.


The Fours - focus on Compassion
Business Plan takeaways: 
Map out your Operational Plan

Step Five:
Communication & Truth

Marketing, marketing, marketing!


  • Speaking your truth via your business
  • Get clear on what you want to say and how you're saying it
  • Voicing your opinions & expressing your ideas - make a statement!
  • How you tell your business stories to others
  • Learning to listen well to your clients & customers
  • Judgement & criticism - from both sides of the fence - learn to use these positively
  • Showing your best side - getting your work out into the world

Outcomes: Increased confidence. Learn how to use your voice, your customers' voices and your business stories to build your marketing plan.


The Fives - focus on Communicating
Business Plan takeaways: 
Create your Marketing Plan

Step Six:
Vision & Wisdom

Your Big Vision for your business -  What can you see?

  • Business patterns, habits, repetitions
  • Heroes & role models, and their patterns and values
  • Your vision of success - get clear and start using it
  • A visualisation exercise to help you connect with your business future
  • Highlights and shadows
  • How you look at things in relation to your business
  • Metaphors - limiting and empowering - making yours powerful

Outcomes: Become more aware of how you look at things - especially in relation to your clients and your competitors and how that impacts how you feel and what you do about it - on a day to day, moment to moment basis, as well as over time. Know clearly how it feels to be successful for you and have a strong basis to help you plan forward and work your plan with ease.


The Sixes - focus on Vision
Business Plan takeaways: 
Your Business Vision (board/map/plan/book)

Step Seven:
Radiance & Clarity

What do you know or understand?

Finally, you reflect and assimilate all you've experienced during the program, engaging your own wisdom.

  • Priorities and directions
  • Business or expensive hobby? Attitude, gratitude and allowing your business to grow.
  • What you're committed to and what you'll focus on
  • Getting pro-active and creating opportunities
  • Mapping, tracking and reviewing - your way ahead
  • Turning Pro - how you do anything is how you do everything
  • Growth and expansion - stepping into bigger business shoes

Outcomes: Clarity and confidence - acknowledge just how much you've already put into action, how your changes are paying off, and how you'll keep your momentum going - know what your next steps will be and why you're taking them...


The Sevens - focus on Bliss
Business Plan takeaways: 
Your Action Plan & Schedule for the next 3 months


The total Artists Adventures for Business program includes:

  • 7 x 90 minute sessions (one call every two weeks) with Michelle – via Skype, Google hangout or landline telephone
  • 1 x 40 minute follow-up session
  • an mp3 recording of each session
  • full email support between sessions
  • access to Michelle’s series of 28 strategic exercises (.pdf downloads)


One payment in advance of $1542 / £995 /  €1413.  (save 15%)





$253 / £163 / €232 per session.

Total cost $1774 / £1144  / €1625.



Business Buddies?

Or, to help spread the cost of developing your business strategy, and in some cases, to have more fun in the process, why not take this program with a friend or colleague?

Each session will be via Skype conference or a Google+ private hangout and you’ll both share your insights and challenges on the calls. In my experience, sharing an experience like this can be even more enriching as the mastermind principles come into effect! And, at around $110 / £70 / €100 per session, it makes help with your business strategy even more accessible.

All payments are made in advance via Paypal, BACS transfer (from UK banks) or direct deposit (international banks).

Take Action - Your Next Step...

Gift your business with the creative input & support you know it needs
- book your program in now:

Contact Michelle

Team Adventures?

Team coaching can transform the whole dynamic and performance of your colleagues or employees - get them engaged and flourishing with what they do best, instead of more of the same..
We tailor Artists Adventure workshops to suit your team's needs - and, as you might have guessed, we love to travel all over the world, so talk to me directly about what you need and where.

Other options...

  • Purchase the Online Course to work through at your own pace
  • Focus Adventure intensive - step out of your business to recharge and refocus by joining our next 4-day Assisi Retreat in Italy 

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