Artists Adventures Personalised Course

A journey into your own creativity -
which will change the way you look at things forever

A 2-7 month guided program

To help you connect with your inner spirit or adventurer and let yourself be drawn to what you really love, what gives you joy in your life.

And it's to help overcome any creative blocks you might have been conscious of, but for whatever reasons have been unable to do anything about up to now. Working through this course helps you

The Artists Adventures personal program is like is a mapping tool for developing your creativity and helps you choose the right direction for yourself from where you are now.

It’s guided program, with Michelle as your guide, coach and accountability partner.

Personalised 1:1 Sessions

The program is delivered via 7 x 90 minute phone/Skype audio-only calls – once a fortnight, once every 3 weeks, or once a month, depending on your schedule.

If you can focus once a week, the whole program takes just less than 2 months, which incidentally is long enough to break old habits and adopt some new ones in their place. If you choose every 3 weeks, it'll take about 6 months, a much gentler pace, but one that allows you time to focus and settle.

Supported & Recorded

Through all the sessions, I keep you accountable and provide support; providing an mp3 recording of each session to listen back to whenever you’d like to, so no need to take notes, unless you like to; and email support between the sessions – any questions, help or kick *ss that you need, you can just mail or skype me.

What’s in each session?…


Step One:
The Courage To Begin

Your Foundation Stone
What have you got?

  • Setting support systems in place for yourself
  • Looking at the best and worst of where you are now - what’s Great and What's Broken physically and spiritually
  • Exploring where you'd like to get to and expanding that vision
  • Finding the tiny or daily habits that do and don’t support you
  • Courage - how much do you think you’ll need?

Outcomes: Things you can do right now to start making changes and what you can put in place to support you daily in this.


The Aces - focus on Courage
begin your adventure & turn stored tension into creativity

Step Two:
Your Creative Fire

What are you creating in your life?


  • Exploring what you're creating, the kind of energy you're currently bringing to it
  • Where you focus your attention
  • What actions you make
  • The risks you're prepared to take
  • Your sense of blame, honour, ethics
  • Power within relationships

Outcomes: How you can ensure you channel your creative energies into positive rather than negative paths of expression.


The Twos - focus on Creativity
"in life as we know it, to be happy we need an edge -
let Energy be your edge!"
Ana Brett

Step Three:
Willpower & Self Esteem

How do you relate to yourself?
Your concept of self can make the impossible possible...


  • Where your boundaries are
  • Your personal code of honour
  • Strengths & weaknesses as you see them in your character
  • How you relate to fear
  • How you relate to criticism and rejection
  • How you look after yourself

Outcomes: What you can do to enhance how you look after yourself and practice true self-care. And what you now give yourself permission to do.


The Threes - focus on Willpower
A string navel centre with give you power and greatness -
don’t let anyone let you doubt yourself”
Ana Brett

Step Four:
With Compassion & Love

How do you relate to others?


  • Self-centeredness., envy, guilt
  • Compassion, hope, trust
  • Loyalty - betrayal
  • Your ability to heal yourself and others
  • Forgiveness. Reframing the past.
  • Loneliness - togetherness.
  • Co-dependency

Outcomes: How you can ensure you forge healthy relationships in the future.


The Fours - focus on Compassion
not just for others but for yourself -
these session & the cards help raise your awareness

Step Five:
Speaking Your Truth

When are you authentically you?


  • Speaking your truth
  • Voicing your opinions & expressing your ideas
  • Your choices in life
  • Judgement & criticism
  • the element of sound in your life
  • How you listen
  • How you tell your stories to others.

Outcomes: Learn how to reframe your stories and retell them in a way that's even more empowering for you going forward.


The Fives - focus on Communicating
with this set of cards challenging you to show & tell breathe on...

Step Six:
Your Life, Your Vision

What can you see? 

  • Life patterns, habits, repetitions
  • Heroes, role models, and their patterns and values
  • Your vision of personal success
  • Highlights and shadows
  • How you look at things and your connection with your intuition & imagination
  • Metaphors - limiting and empowering
  • A visualisation exercise to help you connect with your future self

Outcomes: Become more aware of how you look at things and how that impacts how you feel and what you do - on a day to day, moment to moment basis, as well as over time.


The Sixes - focus on Vision
Yoga says we are Creativity itself,
so let those creative energies flow...

Step Seven:
Know Your Direction

What do you know or understand?

Finally, you reflect and assimilate all you've experienced during the program, engaging your own wisdom.

  • Priorities and direction
  • What you're committed to
  • What actions you will take to follow through
  • Mapping your way ahead
  • How you do anything is how you do everything
  • The whole picture - stepping into your bigger shoes

Outcomes: Clarity and confidence - acknowledge just how much you've already put into action, how your changes are paying off, and how you'll keep your momentum going - know what your next steps will be and why you're taking them...


The Sevens - focus on Bliss
consolidating your learning
& highlighting the resources you have to go beyond


The total program includes:

  • 8 calls including the 7 levels (90 minutes each) plus one follow-up session (40 mins)
  • via Skype, Google hangout or landline telephone
  • an mp3 recording of each session
  • full email support between sessions
  • access to the whole Artists Adventures series of 28 inspiring action cards.

The total program cost is £525, but it's 20% less if you pay in full in advance.


20% Discount for full payment in advance £420 – save £105.


£75 per 90 minute session.

ROOT CHAKRA worries?

If money is tight, then shorter sessions may help lighten the load.
We go one exercise at a time - slower and steadier

- but step by step in the right direction for you.

£45 per 45 minute session.

All payments are made in advance - via Paypal, BACS transfer (from UK banks) or direct deposit (international banks).

Are you Ready, then?

Gift yourself a few months of creative fun, support & energy -
If you're up for that, just book your course now:

Contact Michelle

Not quite ready?

If personal coaching isn't right for your right now, then you still have options for getting your Artists Adventures going -

07801 758 771

Keep in touch with upcoming retreats & workshops.


Artists Adventurers is dedicated to nurturing each individuals own creativity, allowing them to bring it into play in all aspects of their lives.

All our workshops, courses and retreats are open to artists of all levels. They are as much about unlearning as learning - 'Beginner's mind' is a state (of wonder) which helps make creativity inevitable...


We have Adventures currently running in Dorset, The New Forest, Brighton, Bristol, Venice and Assisi.

And we are preparing our dates and more destinations for 2017... If you have a destination you'd like us to visit, please let us know!

See full details here: Artists Adventures Events



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