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Hi, I’m Michelle Rumney, creator of Artists Adventures. Glad you’re here!


I’m a visual artist and creative coach. I created these Artists Adventures because I needed them for my own creative work/biz development and I found they helped.

They came out of my work with my coaching clients – I’m a trained personal life coach and Right Brain Business Plan facilitator and have coached many people in business, ranging from global project leaders to solo entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, from executives running huge teams to artists facing a ‘blank canvas’ (or blank bank balance!). I’m also a Venus Awards finalist, which has been fab.

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These exercises are the ones that really made a difference to them – the ones they told me really helped them find the strength, motivation or inspiration to keep going or to start something new. And, most of all, to be better at being themselves.

I was featured in Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit (I’m the Coaching Artist), where he sends you an email every day for 365 days to help keep you in action.

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I found this sooo inspiring, but at times too much to keep up with – so I thought one thing a week would be more do-able for me (and therefore others too). And seeing as there are 52 weeks in a year, and 52 cards in a normal deck of playing cards, I simply bought a big-size deck and started collaging!

It took me ages – almost 2 years, to finish the first 28 cards or 7 levels. I started working with them with my 1-1 clients, then with groups in workshops and now they are here online for people to use at home too.

I hope you enjoy Adventuring with the cards – or with the cards and me – and I really hope you’ll find help & inspiration to get you into action with your creative work – the work that really matters!

Please contact me and let me know how you get on – what you like, what could be better, what happened for you next… I love hearing people’s (amazing) stories…

Go play!

Michelle xx

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