Boost your Creativity

and (let it) start making a difference...


Artists Adventures take you on a powerful journey...

Change the way you feel about your creativity.

Do more of the things that really matter to you.

Learn to trust and use your own inner resources.

Show up in the world as the more of the real you.

Keep focused, motivated and in action.

Find more clarity and direction.

Join in now with Artists Adventures...

Boost your own creativity
and see the results in every aspect of your life

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Enjoy the Journey

You just need curiosity and a sense of adventure...

Allow yourself the time and space to let your creativity flourish.

Change the way you look at things forever.

Improve your confidence, self-esteem and sense of clarity.

And have fun doing it!


Lots of great ideas?

If you’re still talking about doing work that matters to you, but finding you’re not getting any nearer to actually doing it, Artists Adventures can help.

You’ve probably got a busy lifestyle that’s packed full already (work, family, all the other stuff), but you want to find a way to make room for developing your creative work –

  • a project you want to start
  • an idea
  • your novel or screenplay
  • your artwork
  • your new business
  • your next new business
  • your music
  • your photography
  • your films
  • something you and a friend think would be great to do
  • something you haven't thought of yet
  • and?

Artists Adventures are designed to help you step forward week by week into more of yourself. They are based on the best and most effective creative coaching exercises – the ones that we’ve actually seen make a difference to our clients – the ones we know really work!

We've created a unique blend of creative coaching within a framework based on the yoga chakras - ancient technology underpinning modern psychologies. These are powerful, simple and focused tools you can use to help strengthen your core abilities, drive and passion for what you do - to step into more of your own power, radiance and confidence.

Join in now with Artists Adventures...

Let balance occur
Let energy be your edge

Online Courses Workshops & Retreats



Let your forever self inform your life -
Let healing happen, because it can
Let balance occur
Be more relaxed than you ever were…
With the next breath, be new...

Ravi Singh


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